Learning Tableau: Day One

Today is my first day of learning Tableau!

I hate to admit, but for over a year now I’ve been having it on the back of my mind to learn it. At the same time, that was before I really got into analytics on a professional standpoint.

So where am I learning Tableau from? Currently, I’m using Curtis Frye’s course “Tableau Essential Training (2020.1)”. This course is almost 5 hours long, so I’m breaking it into parts per day. After this course, I’ll be going through the Tableau’s guide on their website.

I believe for experience, I’ll be gathering data sets from Kaggle.com. Most people seem to suggest the Monday Makeover challenge as well.

So this is my weekly accomplishment on how I’m developing out my skills. I’m sure along this journey, I will have way more to post about and document!

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